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Solar System II
+ Comets, meteors and asteroids (activities and possible guest speaker)
+ Impacts, craters and the evolution of solar system bodies (activities)
+ Project preparation

Stars and Stellar Evolution II
+ Strange and exciting types of stars (supernovae, neutron stars, black holes, etc.) (activities)
+ New frontiers: stars with planets, the line between stars, brown dwarfs and planets (possible guest speaker)
+ Project preparation

Structure and Evolution of the Universe II
+ Getting a feeling for the "big picture" (expanding universe, accelerating universe, space-time, etc.) (activities)
+ Confessions of a cosmologist (possible guest speaker)
+ Project preparation

Working Luncheon
+ Panel of astronomers talking with participants about what astronomers do and why they do it
+ Discussion of "next steps" for participants

Presentations of Projects and Workshop Evaluation

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