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Introductions and Workshop Overview

Electromagnetic Radiation and Telescopes
+ Nature of light-wavelength, frequency, reflection, refraction, types of spectra (activity)
+ The electromagnetic spectrum
+ Optical telescopes-reflectors and refractors (activity), observatories
+ Telescopes for other segments of the electromagnetic spectrum
+ The future of observational astronomy

Solar System I:
+ Scale of the solar system (activities)
+ Overview of the planets and satellites with an emphasis on Mars (activities and possible guest speaker)
+ The future of solar system exploration

Observing the Night Sky I
+ Making and using a star locator (activity)
+ Finding stars, planets and constellations in the UW Planetarium (activity)
+ Moon basics-a quick review of phases, rise and set, eclipses, etc
+ Observing at the UW campus telescope and locating constellations, stars and planets (weather permitting)

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