Astounding Astronomy

July 21-25, 2003
Lead Instructor: Dr. Julie Lutz
University of Washington

Workshop applications due April 4, 2003.

Major Themes

Astounding Astronomy will address astronomical techniques, electromagnetic radiation, solar system, stars and stellar evolution, galaxies, structure and evolution of the universe. The workshop is open to Oregon and Washington middle and high school educators.


The goals of the workshop include developing a better understanding of astronomy and the processes of doing science by forming scientist/educator partnerships, observing and discussing astronomical phenomena, engaging in hands-on activities and engaging in adapting content and activities to classrooms.


The format of the workshop includes presentations, hands-on activities, field trips, individual and group discussions.


Astounding Astronomy is sponsored by Space Science Network Northwest, Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium, Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium and the Kenilworth Fund.

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