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Stars and Stellar Evolution I
+ The Sun (activities, video)
+ The basic characteristics of stars (activity)
+ The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (activity)
+ What makes stars form and evolve?

+ What is astrobiology? (possible guest speaker)
+ The major astronomical issues in astrobiology
+ The major biological issues in astrobiology (activities/possible guest)

Observing the Night Sky II
+ Native American star and constellation legends as shown in the UW Planetarium
+ Using stars and constellations for literacy activities (activity)
+ Issues in buying telescopes and binoculars
+ Outdoor observing (weather permitting)

Structure and Evolution of the Universe I
+ Types and composition of galaxies (activities)
+ Clusters of galaxies and their formation/evolution (possible guest speaker)

Computer Laboratory
+ Exemplary Web resources for teaching astronomy (activities)

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Last updated Feb 20, 2003