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Frequently Asked Questions
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Using S2N2

Space Science Network Northwest is one of the seven regional Broker/Facilitators and serves Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. If you are a member of the space science community and would like S2N2 to help you prepare your E/PO segment to an OSS proposal please complete the information below and send it via email to Julie Lutz (), Director of S2N2.

The questions below come from the "Explanatory Guide to the NASA Office of Space Science Education & Public Outreach Evaluation Criteria." Before consulting with Space Science Network Northwest please prepare answers to the following questions:

1) Name:
2) Address:

3) Phone:
4) Fax:
5) Email:
6) Date of Request:

7) What is the name of the NRA or AO to which you are responding?

8) When is the proposal due date?

9) Who are the Co-Is on your proposal and where are they located?

10) Who are the primary contractors (if any) on your proposal, and where are they located?

11) Briefly, what is the basic science content of your proposal, and to which OSS theme(s) is it linked (Astronomical Search for Origins, Solar System Exploration, Structure and Evolution of the Universe, Sun-Earth Connections)?

12) Briefly, what is the education and outreach experience or interest of proposal team members?

13) Are you aware of, or particularly interested in, any major education & outreach facilities accessible in your area (e.g. School of Education, science museum, planetarium, observatory, minority institution, educational TV, etc.) with which you could create a partnership or with which you have existing connections?

14) How much funding will your proposal devote to education and outreach? Over what time period will E/PO funds be spent?

If you would prefer to send the request via postal service, print out the questionnaire and mail to:

Julie Lutz
Space Science Network Northwest
University of Washington, Box 351310
Seattle, WA 98195-1310

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