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Frequently Asked Questions
Common Definitions
Explanatory Guide to the NASA OSS E/PO Evaluation Criteria

The Explanatory Guide to the NASA OSS E/PO Evaluation Criteria is a comprehensve resource for scientists preparing E/PO segments to their OSS proposals. The Guide is NOT an extension of NRA requirements but is of general support to all NRA's and AOs. The information is divided into the following two main categories: 1)Evaluation Criteria for the E/PO segments of R&D proposals and 2)Frequently Asked Questions.


Section 1: Evaluation Criteria for the E/PO segments of R&D proposals:
There are two classes of Evaluation Criteria used to guide investigators in aligning their proposed efforts with the goals and objectives of the OSS E/PO strategy and implementation plans. These criteria also serve as the basis for judging the quality of proposed E/PO segments. This Explanatory Guide describes in detail what this criteria mean in practice and includes "Indicators" that may be used by both proposers and reviewers to assess how well an E/PO proposal segment is meeting the Evaluation Criteria.

Section 2: Frequently Asked Questions
The next segment of the Guide addresses answers to questions frequently asked (FAQ) by members of the space science community who are preparing an E/PO segment to an OSS proposal. These answers have been revised to address current policy and offer information in support of proposal preparation and understanding the intention of the Evaluation Criteria.

More Information
Checklist for Getting Started in Preparing an EPO Proposal
The Space Science Institute Broker/Facilitator offers a convenient checklist for scientists getting started on their E/PO segments.

Office of Space Science Education and Public Outreach Annual Report
The OSS EPO Annual Report provides a summary of the hundreds of EPO programs sponsored by NASA OSS.

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