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Frequently Asked Questions
Common Definitions
SMD E/PO Proposals

The SMD E/PO initiative aims at meeting national needs for improving pre-college science education and enhancing general literacy in science, mathematics and technology. This means supporting the involvement of the space and earth science community in partnership with the education community to enhance K-14 science education and the public understanding of science. To facilitate this goal, SMD is devoting a substantial level of resources toward its E/PO initiative and every NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) flight project proposal (AO) is required to include a significant segment on E/PO.

If you are a scientist preparing an E/PO segment for an SMD proposal there are several resource available to help you through the process.

Essential Resources for Preparing E/PO Segments

1 ] Explanatory Guide to the NASA SMD E/PO Evaluation Criteria
The Explanatory Guide provides crucial information and useful tips for scientists preparing their E/PO segments. The guide also provides answers to many common questions about SMD E/PO.

2 ] The Support Network
Forums and Broker/Facilitators are available to provide valuable feedback on your E/PO proposal.

E/PO Proposal Links
Explanatory Guide to the NASA SMD E/PO Evaluation Criteria
The entire Explanatory Guide to the NASA SMD E/PO Evaluation Criteria is available online. Along with helpful information on preparing SMD E/PO segments, the guide provides general background on the SMD E/PO Initiative and an assortment of useful charts and links. http://ssibroker.colorado.edu/Broker/Eval_criteria/Guide/

Frequently Asked Questions about SMD E/PO Segments
A portion of the Explanatory Guide is devoted to answering some commonly asked questions about the SMD E/PO process. This link will take you directly to that section.

EPO Review Criteria
The Explanatory Guide offers detailed information about the criteria used to evaluate E/PO proposals. This link will take you directly to that section.

Checklist for Getting Started in Preparing an EPO Proposal
The Space Science Institute Broker/Facilitator offers a convenient checklist for scientists getting started on their E/PO segments.

Science Mission Directorate Education and Public Outreach Annual Report
The SMD EPO Annual Report provides a summary of the hundreds of EPO programs sponsored by NASA SMD.

Science Mission Directorate Research Opportunities
The Science Mission Directorate maintains a database of current and archived research solicitations as well as other useful information about submitting SMD proposals.

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