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Frequently Asked Questions
Common Definitions
Eric Agol
Assistant Professor, University of Washington Dept. of Astronomy

Research Interests:
Eric is predominantly interested in theoretical studies of compact objects and gravitational lenses. He has modeled black hole accretion disks and made predictions for viewing the shadow of the Galactic center black hole. More recently he has modeled eclipses of stars by their companion planets, a promising technique for finding extra-solar planetary systems.

Description of Eric's E/PO activities:
"I have been a part of the Project AstroBio program this year, paired with a middle-school on Vashon island, and I am the faculty contact for the Pre-MAP program. In addition, I've spoken at various Astronomy clubs and schools as well as participated in the department open house."

Why do you like doing E/PO?
"I got into astronomy because I enjoyed learning about the Universe and figuring out how it works, and I like sharing that pleasure with students and amateur astronomers."

Why do you think participation in Education and Public Outreach is important for scientists?
"In one sense the main product of astronomical research is knowledge, and the primary use of that knowledge is to be shared with others, which makes E/PO so important."

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