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Frequently Asked Questions
Common Definitions
Henry "Chip" Kobulnicky
Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Research Interests: Ground and space-based studies of dynamics and chemical abundances in galaxies; radio, optical, and infrared spectroscopy; young star clusters; massive star formation; planets; and astronomical instrumentation.

Description of Chip's E/PO activities: Chip has given countless talks in public schools. He served as a science consultant for the PBS series Newton's Apple. His biggest outreach project is organizing the Wyoming Astro Camp.

Why do you like doing E/PO?
"I feel it's always been my purpose to help people understand the universe. For school children and the public, I love introducing them to the wonders in the cosmos and conveying a sense of awe about the universe we inhabit."

Why do you think participation in Education and Public Outreach is important for scientists?
"Science education and outreach is important because it helps humanity know what exists and how we go about knowing. This is part of every person's journey to discern what is true."

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