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National Partners

Informal Education and Public Outreach
For space scientists receiving OSS research awards there are several potential informal E/PO organizations to partner with. These informal education and public outreach organizations include professional societies as well as selected NASA programs. The highlighted projects have ongoing, nationally distributed opportunities for space scientists to participate in meaningful ways.

Professional Development for Educators
There is a large number of professional development opportunities designed to empower educators with practical and inspirational space science lessons for the classroom. These opportunities include single and multiple day workshops, leadershjp training, and real-world fieldtrips.

Training for Space Scientists in Education
Space scientists looking for training in the area of education have several useful programs to choose from. Scientist training focuses on training scientists and engineers to play effective roles in improving k-12 science education and how to work in conjunction with educators and students.

Curriculum Developers
Curriculum development programs in space science furthers understanding and appreciation of research mathematics, science, and technology. Educators and scientists collaborate to serve education and public outreach needs. Research in educational programs provides for innovative techniques and materials.

OSS Broker/Facilitator Program
Covering a specific region of the United States, Broker/Facilitators work to promote science education and public knowledge. They partner space scientists with educators and support relationships between the science and education communities.

Office of Space Science Educational Forums
OSS Education Forums represent the four general space science themes of NASA OSS research: Search for Origins, Structure of the Universe, Solar System Exploration, and Sun-Earth Connections. The Forums support, help organize, and disseminate the E/PO efforts of OSS missions and research programs related to their theme.

NASA Space Grant Program
The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program funds research, education, and public service projects throughout the nation. Program administration is run by 52 university-based consortia found in every state, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Space Science Media
Find up-to-date information on space science related activities around the world. Official NASA sites provide a range of resources from shuttle mission details to daily weather reports from the sun. Other science news organizations include everything from coverage of international space agencies to discussion threads on the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

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