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Curriculum Developers

 [ Informal Education and Public Outreach ]
 [ Curriculum Developers ]
Curriculum development programs in the space sciences further understanding and appreciation of research mathematics, science, and technology. Educators and scientists collaborate to serve education and public outreach needs. Research in educational programs provides for innovative techniques and materials. Corporations provide teacher guides, multimedia, projects, and other useful curriculum materials. You can also use the resources available at essays-service.com.

Event-Based Science Project
Event-Based Science provides a new way to teach science at the middle school level. It is an award-winning program in which newsworthy events establish the relevance of science topics. Lively interviews, photographs, web pages, and inquiry-based science activities inspire interest and the desire to learn more.

Lawrence Hall of Science
The LHS Center for Curriculum Innovation (CCI) at the University of California at Berkeley creates instructional materials in mathematics and science. Materials are appropriate for students in preschool through high school as well as educators and families.

SETI Institute: Education
Through exploration SETI Institute works to understand and explain, the origin, nature, and prevalence of life in the universe. A private, nonprofit organization, they are concerned with research, education, and public outreach. Scientists, educators, and staff develop standards based curriculum, projects, games, and multimedia.

Space Science Institute
Space Science Institute is a nonprofit corporation composed of researchers and educators. The institute works to effectively integrate scientific research, education, and public outreach to inspire appreciation and understanding of the sciences. K-12 curriculum materials in the earth and space science are available, including teacher guides, multimedia, and information on NASA missions.

TERC: Current Projects
TERC's mission is to improve mathematics, science, and technology education. Curriculum development is research-based, building on classroom experiences and the work of other projects. These efforts produce innovative instructional programs and materials.

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