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Professional Development for Educators

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There is a large number of professional development opportunities designed to empower educators with practical and inspirational space science lessons for the classroom. These opportunities include single and multiple day workshops, leadershjp training, and real-world field trips. The following list is a collection of professional development opportunities for educators.

Washington NASA Educator Resource Center Workshops
Washington NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) offers free Saturday workshops for Washington state K-12 educators. Clock hours are available.

Aerospace Education Services Program
The NASA Aerospace Education Services Program (AESP) provides assistance and support to educators in updating science, mathematics, geography, and technology curricula, and in utilizing new and evolving instructional technology and teaching strategies.

American Astronomical Society Teacher Resource Agent Program
The American Astronomical Society offers an opportunity for K-12 educators to participate in a four week national workshop preparing them to be leaders in their local communities in the advancement of astronomy education. The Teacher Resource Agent Program is a National Science Foundation Teacher Enhancement Program.

Center for Image Processing in Education (CIPE) Workshops
CIPE conducts workshops and develops instructional materials that use Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems technologies as platforms for teaching about science, mathematics and technology. CIPE's hands-on workshops and award-winning materials support standards-based education in science, mathematics, social studies, technology education, vocational education, and many other disciplines.

Challenger Center's Professional Development Opportunities
Challenger Center offers several teacher workshops and Electronic Field Trips - with accompanying teacher's guides - that bring hands-on space exploration excitement into the classroom. Challenger Center is dedicated to enhancing the understanding of, and the enthusiasm for, science, math, and technology through innovative learning experiences.

Planetary Summer Workshops by the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
Join experienced geologists, planetary scientists, and astrobiologists for weeklong workshops often with field trips to national parks. Educators will learn how to relate rocks and life in extreme environments in the Park to conditions on other solar system bodies, combining field observations with results from space exploration through labs, presentations, and activities suitable for the classroom.

GLOBE Teacher Training Workshops
Around the world, K-12 students are making scientific observations and reporting their data to the GLOBE Data Archive for use in research. For a school to participate in GLOBE, at least one teacher must be trained in the GLOBE science measurement protocols and education activites by attending a GLOBE Teacher Workshop. GLOBE workshops are held throughout the year at locations across the United States.

NASA Explorer Schools
Each year, the NASA Explorer Schools (NES) program establishes a three-year partnership between NASA and 50 school teams, consisting of teachers and education administrators from diverse communities across the country. While partnered with NASA, NES teams acquire and use new teaching resources and technology tools for grades 4 - 9 using NASA's unique content, experts and other resources. Schools in the program are eligible to receive funding (pending budget approval) over the three-year period to purchase technology tools that support science and mathematics instruction.

National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN)
The National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) delivers quality teaching resources and professional development opportunities through the Internet directly to K-12 science teachers. NTEN provides elementary and secondary-school teachers with high quality graduate-level science courses over the Internet.

Space Science Institute (SSI) Update on NASA Mars Exploration
Update on NASA Mars Exploration is a regional workshop designed to educate informal astronomy educators throughout the western region to use Mars exploration as context for their education and public outreach efforts during this unprecedented era of Mars exploration. Those eligible for this workshop includes astronomy educators from planetariums, science centers, libraries and other informal education institutions in the southwestern US (CO,UT, NM, AZ, NV, Southern CA, Western TX).

Teacher Leaders in Research Based Science Education (TLRBSE) at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Ever wanted to study the stars through telescopes at Kitt Peak Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, or count sunspots on a 50 cm diameter solar image at the National Solar Observatory at Sunspot, New Mexico? In this NSF sponsored two-week summer program, middle and high school science teacher-participants learn how to acquire astronomy data and how to support their students in conducting authentic astronomy research projects. In addition, participants can earn graduate credits and receive a stipend, airfare, and room & board for the summer workshop, and support to attend an NSTA meeting. The TLRBSE program is now recruiting experienced teacher leaders to mentor teachers new to the profession, participate in an on-line course, and implement research-based science education in the classroom.

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