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Partnering with Space Scientists

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The following list is a collection of scientist partnering opportunities for educators.

Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science (IDEAS) Grants
The Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science (IDEAS) is a grant program which funds START-UP educational outreach projects that team educators with scientists. The IDEAS program is one component of NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS) Education and Public Outreach program, whose goal is to improve science, mathematics, and technology education, as well as science literacy in the United States.

Project ASTRO: Astronomers and Educators as Partners for Learning
Project ASTRO is a national program to help improve the teaching of astronomy and physical science in 4th through 9th grade classrooms and youth groups. Professional or amateur astronomers are linked with local teachers or youth group leaders, and "adopt" a classroom or community group, visiting 4 to 10 times per year. Partners at each regional site are trained together at 2-day workshops and then develop an individualized program to share the excitement of modern astronomy and the power of the scientific method with their class or group.

Resources for Involving Scientists in Education (RISE)
Project RISE conducts workshops and publishes materials to help scientists and engineers play effective roles in improving science education. Scientists can participate by working directly with students, working with teachers, supporting systemic reform, and helping develop instructional materials.

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