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Sun-Earth Connection

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The following is collection of Sun-Earth Connection related links.

Sun-Earth Connection Forum

Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) Forum
The SEC program works to understand the sun and its variability, connection to humans, and interaction with the solar system and galaxy. This site provides educator and scientist resources related to SEC.

Sun-Earth Connection Program

Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) Program
The SEC program science used to understand the sun and its variability, connection to humans, and interaction with the solar system and galaxy.

Featured Sun-Earth Connection Missions

NASA Sun-Earth Connection Forum Missions List
All current sun-earth connection missions with their offical mission pages and associated education materials pages are listed here.

NASA Sun-Earth Connection Program Missions List
All current, past and future sun-earth connection missions with their offical mission pages.

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
SOHO is a joint NASA and ESA mission to study the sun's interior, atmosphere and solar wind, in operation since 1995.

Fast Auroral Snapshot (FAST)
FAST, the second mission in NASA's Small Explorer Satellite Program (SMEX), is a satellite designed to study Earth's aurora.

What is the sun made of? Are the Earth and planets made of the same stuff? Genesis launched in 2001 sunward to collect pieces of the sun (solar wind), that may contain these answers. Upon its return to Earth in 2004, scientists will study the solar wind samples for years to come.

Online Information

The Sun
The Sun includes general sun information, a terms index, and links to other sun-related sites.

Solar Data Analysis Center
This center looks at solar eclipse paths, mission data, solar images, and RHESST.

Living With a Star
Living With a Star discusses weather in space and provides associated applications, research, images, and links.

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere describes magnetism, electrons, ions, plasmas, radiation belts, solar wind, auroras, and more.

Genesis: Search for Origins
The Genesis site includes information on the mission, science, and people. The education section has products, science models, simulations, non-science content, and more.

Mission to Geospace
Mission to Geospace explains what geospace is, how we know, why it matters, and what it looks like.

Solar Flare Theory
Solar Flare Theory looks at the nature of solar flares, hard x-rays, and the Yohkoh satellite. A paper model spacecraft and crossword are provided.

Space Science Education Resource Directory
The Space Science Education Resource Directory is a convenient way to find NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings.

Stanford Solar Center
The center provides images, Q&A, news, and information about the sun and related weather, art, and folklore. Exercises and activities for educator use are included.

SOHO Explore
Solar and Heloispheric Observatory's (SOHO) page includes sun and heliosphere-related lesson plans, Q&A, and educational materials.

TRACE Educational Resources
The TRACE site provides a graphical model of the sun, information on the sun's magnetic field, and a mission explanation.

The Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) Project
A project with NASA JPL/Caltech that gives K-12 teachers and students nationwide access a radio telescope via the Internet. Data collected by students are submitted to JPL for inclusion in the database of scientific knowledge used by scientists worldwide. Students participate in Special Mission Projects with NASA scientists in undertaking studies of our sun.

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project
This outreach site provides solar images, x-ray movies, a solar tour, information for women interested in science, and classroom activities all related to the Yohkoh satellite.

Image Galleries

Sun-Earth Forum Multimedia Gallery
Sun-Earth Forum multimedia gallery of images, videos, illustrations, books and more.

SOHO Gallery
SOHO multimedia gallery of the latest images, videos, hotshots, best of SOHO and pick of the week.

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