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CBOWG Strategic Planning Retreat
Seattle, WA — August 17-18, 2006


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  • What are a few of the major needs of OST programs with regard to STEM content and materials?
    • Cathy Jordan (SEDL): [web] | [ppt]
    • Jason Freeman (CSAS) [web] | [ppt]

  • What sorts of OST programs, organizations and materials should NASA concentrate on in order to reach its goal of having a more diverse STEM workforce?
    • Maryann Stimmer (EEC) [web] | [ppt]

  • What are some models for and major issues involved with evaluating the success of OST programs, particularly those with STEM content and themes?
    • Georgia Hall (NIOST) [web] | [ppt]

  • What do SMD materials look like and what are a couple of examples of things that SMD has done with OST organizations?
    • Shari Asplund (NASA SMD) [web] | [ppt]

  • Some current NASA work with CBOs: programs with the Girl Scouts
    • Leslie Lowes (NASA SMD) [web] | [ppt]

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