Astounding Astronomy

July 10-12, 2006
Heritage University, Toppenish, WA
Lead Instructor: Dr. Julie Lutz

Major Themes

Astounding Astronomy is open to Washington teachers of grades 4-9. The workshop will cover

  • Day and night,
  • Seasons,
  • The constellations,
  • Phases of the moon,
  • The sun,
  • The planets and their satellites,
  • Comets, meteors and asteroids.


The goals of the workshop include developing a better understanding of astronomy and the processes of doing science by forming scientist/educator partnerships, observing and discussing astronomical phenomena, engaging in hands-on activities and engaging in adapting content and activities to classrooms.


The format of the workshop includes presentations, hands-on activities, field trips, individual and group discussions.


Astounding Astronomy is sponsored by Space Science Network Northwest, the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium, and the Kenilworth Fund.

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