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Student Involvement Programs

The following list is a collection of student involvement opportunities.

NASA Student Involvement Program
The NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) is a national program of six competitions for grades K-12 that link students directly with NASA's exciting missions of exploration and discovery. NSIP brings NASA into the classroom by supporting units on space, history, math, language arts, engineering, geography, and the sciences. Each competition features resource guides to help teachers and students conduct research and prepare their projects for submission.

The Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund Travel Grant
The Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund offers Travel Grants for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in fields of space science and engineering. The Travel Grants, in the amount of $500, will enable student recipients to attend professional meetings to present their research. Jerry Soffen, a biologist by training, led a distinguished career in NASA, including serving as the Project Scientist for Viking and as an architect for the NASA Astrobiology Program. The Travel Grant will continue Jerry's dedication to educating and involving future generations in space science and engineering pursuits.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Intern Program in Planetary Science
LPI offers a 10 week internship program allowing undergraduates an opportunity to participate actively in lunar and planetary research with scientists at LPI and the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium Student Research Programs
The Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium offers two valuable undergraduate research opportunities. The Undergraduate Research Awards allow undergraduates to participate in research projects at consortium member institutions across the state. The Summer Undergraduate Research Program offers undergraduates the opportunity to work in a science, engineering, or mathematics research position to complement their studies. Student researchers work under the guidance of a faculty member, postdoctoral scholar or research scientist at the University of Washington.

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