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Comets... And More Comets!
Educator Workshop, Feb. 4, 2006

[Making Comets]

Teachers make their own comets using dry ice, water, sand, charcoal, and other organic materials - many of the same ingredients as real comets.

[Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream]

Amidst a field of freshly formed comets, workshop participants made ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

[Denise Examines Aerogel]

Denise examines the surface structure of a small piece of Aerogel under her magnifying lens.

[Aerogel Collector]

Teachers experiment with different media, such as cornmeal, for collecting simulated dust particles to understand and appreciate the engineering behind Aerogel.

[Aerogel Collector 2]

Teachers try Swiss Miss to see if it does a better job of collecting "dust particles".

[Splat! Comet Craters]

Participants simulated cratering by dropping bits of Play-Doh onto a "planetary surface" of flour with a light dusting of cocoa on top. The material from below is dredged up to create dramatic rays by the impact.

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